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Health Insurance 健康保險

Health insurance includes individual and group health insurance.


1: Suitable for young, healthy, rarely see a doctor, or who do not like the doctor referral process.

2: No Referral process, you can go to physicians and hospitals which contract with your insurance company.

3: You can choose any providers in network, you have more choices and it’s very convenient.

4: You have to pay your annual deductible and coinsurance payment in calendar year.


1: Suitable for applicants, who have illness or chronicle illness, or for those who needs long term physician and medication need.

2: The insured must select physician who is contracted with insurance company and their medical networks. Unless you are receiving treatment or had been pregnant, you can always replace the family physician or the physician medical network.

3: Family physicians usually in internal medicine, general medicine, family practice or pediatricians.

4: Insured has to go through the referral process by family doctor if insured wants to see specialty physicians. However, your usual monthly premium is expensive; the amount you need to pay for your medical expense will be less, such as $0 hospital charges.

Insurance carrier would determine your eligibility based on the type of illness and severity of the condition of this applicant who has pre-existing condition. Even if your application is approved, insurance company may requires a 6-month waiting period on your pre-existing condition, which means any medical expenses related to your pre-existing condition would not be covered during the first 6 months.

健康保險 包括個人及團體健康保險.

健康保險分 PPO 及 HMO


  • 適合年輕,身體健康,平常就診較少,或是不喜歡轉診程式的人士。
  • 不需轉診程式,您可自行前往與保險公司有合約的醫師和醫院就診。
  • 醫師和醫院的選擇較多,比較方便。
  • 自己承擔部份的醫療費.


  • 適合身體體質較弱,有慢性病,須長期看病和服藥的人.
  • 投保時必須選擇一位與保險公司簽約之家庭醫師,及醫療網。除非正在接受治療或已懷孕,您可隨時更換家庭醫師或該醫師所屬的醫療網。該更改的生效日期為通知保險公司後下一個月的第一天.
  • 選擇的家庭醫師者包括內科醫師, 一般科醫師, 家庭科醫師, 和小兒科醫師.
  • 因爲要經過轉診程式,HMO的使用較爲不便, 不過,您每月保險費通常比較昂貴,但是自己承擔的醫療費用通常很少, 例如$0住院費。


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